Just that Eze
WELCOME.. . NO fake shit.nothing scripted. happened exactly how i said it happened. alll amateur.. comment on the ones you like and feel free to leave some tips.... the more support i get the more i will post. I will be posting new videos along with old videos... Each month will be better then the last... you can also request info or request what you want to see.. My life has been a crazy one and i have no problem sharing it with you all. Please keep what i post here, ONLY HERE. if i find out it leaves my site I can and will shut it down.. THANKS AND ENJOY
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November 16
Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States
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Just wait for it !! This night was crazy !!!

Got my name painted on her nails and touching herself ! Video of me smashing coming soon !

Stay tuned for the craziest ,, spontaneous , freakiest that happens in Eze's life ! Subscribe and tell a friend !


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